March 30,2011

Hello as i said i would keep this updated. Gave 2 kittens away now only have 8 cat's left will keep them. need to update the cat's page. I got a TENS unit from my doc it seems to be helping. hope my ins will pay for it.looked up the price for it 500.00. wow nut's. Take care all will post more.


March 29,2011

I need to keep this page updated. Sorry for that

As you can see it's been a year now and shit still going wrong. Tina still haveing health problem's. I have all the kid's mad as hell at me but shit happens. We now own 3 home's and money is to tight cant make it. Had to brake down my tank hope someday to get it back up. Some day's I just wish that i would die am tired of the pain and sitting home alone no one to talk to. Didnt mean to cry about it. That's it for now but will update ever day from now on. Take care.


March 31 ,2010

Sorry it,s been so long that I have updated but got 2 new pic on page 4 of fish tank page it,s my new rodi unit i got i love it. I had a old wherlpool 3 stage 25 gal a day ro unit with a di hooked on it . as you can see i got the typhoon3 at 90 gal a day and i love it if you need a rodi dont look no more just get a typhoon you wont be sorry. I hope all you have a great easter . Stuff still going wrong here my wife beat cancer and now she got to get some test done hope its not back well thats it on this end take care.



March 27,09

Pics up of new Christmas tree rock on page 3 of tank pics

March 15,09

My System been down will update pics soon. I have a new Christmas tree rock

March 4, 2009

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March 1, 2009

Added Snowstorm Pics to Misc

February 24, 2009

Added tank and misc Pictures

February 22, 2009

Site went live. Under the pics you can go to more pages of them or leave a comment